Terrace Wine Dinner Series: Moroccan Wine Dinner with Chef Bruce Wieszala & Skurnik Wines

Chef Bruce Weiszala and Skurnik Wines present the food and wine of Morocco and the Mediterranean. Join us for another amazing culinary journey at The Terrace at Delaware for what is sure to be another incredible dinner.

Price $75 (Includes Tax and Gratuity) tickets at Eventbrite.com or at The Terrace

Welcome Roasted Cauliflower Hummus- amlou, khobz

First Fava Bean B’Sarra- fava bean, carrot, almond coriander

Second Chermoula Swordfish- boulanger potato, herb salad

Third Harrissa Rubbed Lamb- sous cous, pistachio, currant, preserved lemon

Fourth Olive Oil Cake- date syrup, salted white chocolate ice cream

Morrocam Jazz Guitar performed by Paul Kozlowski